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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A sunny Thank You!

A quick post today... it's a sunny day and this card kinda reflects it...all yellow and purples!  I am feeling quite un-creative these days...but made this card for a very special friend who (believe it or not) invited a whole bunch of boys over for two whole of which was my son.  He just so happened to injure himself playing hockey and poor Nicki had to deal with my slightly over-reactive child!  So a big thank you to her and her crew for dealing with the "crisis".  I've been trying to try some different skin tones with my copics....and, as usual, discovered I need more colours!  It also happens to qualify for a few challenges: "someone special"...hurray Nicki ! who required the "lilac" and "lemon" that made it so sunny! who's sketch I tried to follow (which was a challenge indeed! (for me anyway)).
and just for fun, I'm going to try "anything goes" at and "dots" at just because I love both those sights!!!
Oh...guess you wanna see the card, eh?  Here it is:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Orange" you glad I posted??

I can't believe my eldest is about to turn 12 !! (that's her with her birthday crew and the frog on her head!).  Nothing like hosting a bunch of tween girls to make you want to escape to the craft desk!'s all good.  It was party week here...with the hubby's birthday and Valentine's day thrown in there, it's a wonder I did any crafting at all!  Then, there was the Stampin' up party I went to and so now I will have more to play with!  Sorry, dear.  I think I am quite liking this digital stamping thing too....thanks a lot, Chelsea!!!  Anyone know a way to keep all my links ready to put on the blog rather than cutting and pasting all the time?  Anyway, here my latest entries.  The first is a tag for Meljen's .... I like their freebies and have a lot... they are kinda "cutesy" and remind me of folk art painting (yeah, did that too).  It also qualifies for Simply Create's "bold" challenge.  Here are the links:
The next one is one of my favourite cards.  I got the image a long time ago and have coloured him lots of different colours!  He qualifies for "animal friends" (of which I have lots, but this one is current).  I will have to check out more of this blog's is the link:

Isn't he cute?? I may see if he qualifies for the next one too for "flowers".  This one also turned out nice...again, a bit "orange-y" but fits the theme of "nature" for the link and flowers for

Hmmmn...the flash on that one didn't do it justice.  Anyway...the last one is another favourite!  I love a good fairy and got this one from a colouring page site.  It qualifies for this "fantasy" challenge:

Well, the boys want on the I'd better be off.  Maybe I'll get to something "spring-y" for the next challenges...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Day

Agghhh....Valentine's Day is fast approaching and I didn't get any invitations out for our dinner party.  I did however, create this very lovely card for my hubby (which also happens to qualify for a few challenges!) It's a little off beat for me, but I really like it.  I must say that I need to get a black copic marker though, as the sharpie I'm using just doesn't cut it!  I have been following the Marker guru I will order through that website! Shame they are in Vancouver though...are there not any good copic people in TORONTO!

Anyway, the card qualifies for the following challenges (maybe I can win my copic black!!!)

Good luck to me!!! (oh and Happy Valentine's day, honey!!)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well, it's a wednesday and the kids and hubby are all home for the great "snow day" in Toronto....which means I didn't get nearly as much stuff done as I wanted....but did manage to get these two cards completed...hopefully in time to enter the challenges that I wanted.  The first one is for "do you stack up"...which was calling for patterns....I really like the image from Melijen's...but a little too much pattern for me.  Over the top, I think.

The next one I really like....using a rubber stamped image I borrowed from a good friend....I'm going to enter this one in two for a colourcreate challenge to use lemon, green, white and a charm....and one for moving along with the times for something "spring-y" charm is a little gold cross so I hope to use it for an Easter card...what could be more spring than that??  Especially on this very snowy day. *sigh*