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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A sunny Thank You!

A quick post today... it's a sunny day and this card kinda reflects it...all yellow and purples!  I am feeling quite un-creative these days...but made this card for a very special friend who (believe it or not) invited a whole bunch of boys over for two whole of which was my son.  He just so happened to injure himself playing hockey and poor Nicki had to deal with my slightly over-reactive child!  So a big thank you to her and her crew for dealing with the "crisis".  I've been trying to try some different skin tones with my copics....and, as usual, discovered I need more colours!  It also happens to qualify for a few challenges: "someone special"...hurray Nicki ! who required the "lilac" and "lemon" that made it so sunny! who's sketch I tried to follow (which was a challenge indeed! (for me anyway)).
and just for fun, I'm going to try "anything goes" at and "dots" at just because I love both those sights!!!
Oh...guess you wanna see the card, eh?  Here it is:

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