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Thursday, March 3, 2011


It's a cold day here in Toronto, and I am getting tired of winter...lucky a lot of challenges called for flowers this time around so I made this very "spring" card using an image from Seliekjestim...which is very cute.  Must say -- we share the same fondness for kitties.  My new copics are being shipped in from Florida (see copic Marker scrapbooking who have become my new best friends!) Florida.  Also warm.

We increased our household by two more this week..."frankie" and "speedy" the two lizards are happy soaking up the heat lamp .... hmmnn wonder if I could climb into that tank and pretend I am somewhere tropical.  Maybe the lizards will inspire me....
Which qualifies for the following:
and a big challenge for me was using a frame for (how are you supposed to get those metal things to "stick"?)

Stay warm everyone!

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