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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The End of June....

It's now getting to be the end of June, and that means that a bunch of things are ending off for the summer...including my scrapbook class.  I volunteered to make 65 (yes...65!) cards for the ladies to use as that has taken up a bunch of my time.  But I was encouraged myself by all the comments on how nice they were, even though at that volume I had to "go simple".

Lots of card challenges are out for the men right now so I did some father's day stuff.  My little guy has a birthday this month too...but I doubt he'll get a card...somehow I just don't think he would appreciate it!
Here are some of the dad cards I made for the special dads in my life!!
My dad is the fisherman in the family...and my two sons have "caught" the bug too...I think it is great that they can do that as a special thing with poppa...I love Melonheads illustrations...and I used my fishy punch too.  It qualifies for "punch something" at and "blue and black" at
My father-in-law has the cleanest car ever...and has taught all the kids the "correct" way to wash the had to use this vintage image for him! Let's try our luck at for "dad".

The final "dad" in the family is my hubby...whom I luv to bits.  Here is the card I made for him:
Which I hope does well at  for "dad".

A good friend celebrated her birhtday this week and I made her this one with lotsa "bling" sooo fits her personality!! HEEHE.  I "added some sparkle" so I'm entering . is out in about two weeks...which means I must thank all the fabulous teachers who endure my kids (and 30 extra odd kids) every day!  I recycled this container and made a really cute pencil holder...and the clip....they turned out great!  I am so excited (not that the kids are home all summer...that the crafts worked!) But I missed the challenge for that one.  Next time...

<Sigh>  The end of June ... summer ...will I have more or less time to play?  Yet to be determined.